..is updating my blog..

it's been quite long I've left this blog without any entry..
bukan malas nak update tapi terlalu letih melihat screen computer the whole day..
buat apa? urm..ingatkn keja berkurang
end of d year..rupa2nya makin byk..sume nak cepat..those all are for nex year.. being librarian in acquisition section is quite challenges job.. almost everyday i hav 2 screen thousands of book list..read, select n count the prices.. bertambah tebal la my spectacles.. baca x susah..tp kekadang bingung buat selection..kena ingat all programs and subject offered in d university..related ke x.. dgn tajuk buku yg pelik2..aduhai..@_@ dahla aku je yg punya 'kuasa' nak beli buku2 tu..hohoho agak berat..kot2 la salah beli buku..problem tu..


  1. Being a librarian is that hard eh? But you can find awesome books there too. :)

  2. Ms librarian, can u explain me a differential between resource center and library... :P

  3. Tom..there's a lots of awesome books..tapi..x sempat baca tu arr..baca titles ja sempat..plg kurang baca summary ja..hehe


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